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                   Kitten Sales Contract

In order to purchase one of our Persian kittens, you must enter into a contract with our cattery, TNRPersians.  You may view the contract below.  Please scroll down. Upon receiving the copy of the contract from the breeder at time of kitten pickup, please sign it.  After we have received your signed contract, and you have paid the full purchase price, you will be able to take your new kitten home. Thank you so much! We look forward to hopefully making you a happy owner of a sweet, gentle Persian kitten!

If you have questions regarding this contract, we are happy to assist in any way.  


                                                      TNRPERSIANS CATTERY KITTEN CONTRACT

Provisions of Contract

Kitten Contract and Health Guarantee

Our Persians will be placed with a contract to protect all involved.  Persians placed in pet / companion homes, are to be spayed / neutered within 6 months of their purchase. Most people sincerely wanting a kitten for a pet will have no problem with a contract.

Breeding rights are only given to responsible breeders. We do not support or encourage "backyard breeding" due to health issues that are contributed to the breed by doing so. You also have no idea the problems that you will encounter in all aspects of raising a litter and you can be easily wiped out - which is a huge financial and emotional loss. Only responsible breeders should be breeding purebreds to preserve, contribute to, and protect the breed.

This contract is between Buyer and Breeder (Rita Bybee). 


_________________________hereafter called Buyer

This is to certify that the kitten(s);

Breed: ____________Sex: ____________Color: _______________

Birth date: ____________
Sire: ______________
Dam: _______

was sold to:

Name: _____________________
Address: ________________________________
Phone Number: _________________
E-mail address:________________________

Price or Terms: _________________

Deposit $ ______________________ (nonrefundable/nontransferable)
Date Received: _____________via _______
Balance: $ ____________via _______
Date received: ______________


1. Breeder is selling a Persian cat/kitten as a pet registered with CFA.

2. Buyer agrees to have the cat/kitten altered (spayed/neutered) by a licensed veterinarian by the age of 6 months. When Breeder is provided with a copy of the spay/neuter certificate, registration papers will be provided.

3 Buyer will pay the Breeder a nonrefundable deposit agreed upon requesting that a kitten be reserved for Buyer in the amount of $300 t0 $400. Once a deposit is placed to reserve a kitten, that kitten will not be sold to another buyer. The balance of the full purchase price is to be paid at delivery of the reserved cat/kitten.

4. We do not encourage de-clawing a cat, but in some circumstances it is necessary. Therefore, we encourage the Buyer to only do this only when it is absolutely necessary.

5. NOTE: Buyer is contracted to provide a lifetime home for this cat/kitten unless he changes his mind or finds it necessary for any reason to find a new owner who will act responsibly and can guarantee the cat will be cared for properly, in which it is the Buyer’s responsibility to find a new, responsible owner. Otherwise, Buyer may return the kitten to the Breeder with the understanding that there will be NO REFUND for the purchase price of the kitten.

6. The cat/kitten may not be bred unless certain conditions are met as noted above in the contract.

7.   PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY: If the Buyer’s veterinarian finds, within 90 days of purchase of kitten, the animal has become ill with a life-threatening disease or illness such as FELV, FIV, PKD, liver disease, heart disease, other genetic disease, etc., and per the veterinarian the kitten would not survive over 90 days with any type of treatment such as surgery, medications, etc., the Buyer may qualify for a full replacement at no cost at a future litter. The Buyer must also not have allowed the kitten to roam outside, the kitten must have been vaccinated, and the buyer must have supervised the kitten appropriately. The veterinarian must be able to provide proof of the illness or disease through kitten testing/exam records, etc., and other reliable records of the kitten. Breeder will also take into consideration conversations with vet as necessary to determine outcome of contract application in each case. This contract does NOT guarantee broad coverage of everything. Restrictions to coverage include  such things as mishaps/accidents or the kitten becoming ill or aspirating from such household items such as ingesting foreign objects or string causing intestinal blockage, toxic substances and/or toxic foods specifically lethal to cats, and other types of ingestants that can kill a kitten or cause the kitten to aspirate and die,  Common 24-hour viral or flu-like infections or colds that most cats and kittens might normally get at times is also not covered, because in most cases, the kitten or cat would survive if treated timely and appropriately. 

After the 90-day guarantee period has passed, and if a kitten subsequently develops an illness or disease and passes away and that illness falls within the terms listed above, and the kitten is less than 1 year old, buyer has the right to purchase another kitten from the breeder at half price of purchase price of replacement kitten.

Additional Note: Breeder is NOT LIABLE for rare anomalies that may show up in a kitten after birth notwithstanding the kitten being in good health. As far as Breeder can assess, kittens leave for their new homes in good general health. Buyer agrees to accept all risks for these types of anomalies that could occur but not likely to occur.

8.  The Buyer agrees not to sell, lease, abandon or give this cat to any pet shop, research facility, animal shelter or similar facilities, for either resale or test purposes.

9.  Breeder does not recommend using FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) vaccinations. Should the Buyer use these vaccinations on the cat/kitten, the Breeder will NOT refund to the Buyer what the Buyer paid for the kitten should it subsequently develop FIP.

10. Breeder sells kittens who are showing no signs of illness, are active, and in good health as far as can be ascertained by the Breeder.  Buyer has 3 days from date of pickup of purchased kitten to take the kitten to the vet to be completely checked out. If the vet discovers during that visit that the kitten has a life-threatening illness, genetic or otherwise, Buyer may return the kitten for a full refund of the purchase price. This exam is to be done within the 3 days of picking up the kitten.

11. If Breeder determines to sell a kitten for whatever reason at a discounted purchase price lower than the original purchase originally stated in the ad, and kitten appears healthy and active, said purchase price does not include health exam, de-worming, or vaccinations as it becomes the responsibility of the Buyer to get this done. Discounting of a kitten does not usually happen unless there is a very important reason to do this, and that reason does not mean the kitten is inferior in any way or of ill health.

Date: _____________________

1.  Breeder’s Signature:

2.  Buyer’s Signature: _________________________________________________

All parties signing this contract consider this document to be legally binding. Please mail or fax this complete contract to:  Rita Bybee, 1010 West 4th Avenue,Apache Junction, AZ 85120, Phone: 480-270-1152

Website:, email:, fax 866-861-2173

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