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Persian Cat Sires And Dams

Persian Kitten Sires, Dams, Apache Junction, Arizona

If you want to see pictures of our wonderful adult Sires and Dams, please read below


Sire Snowbell

Snowbell, one of our kings.  Now this Persian cat is a real stud.  Talk about sweetness.  He loves you to pet and then pet some more.  He can't get enough.  He lets you know when he wants attention, too, and you better be willing to give it to him.  Talk about a gentle personality!.


Sire Cubby

Cubby, our studmuffin king.  What a guy he is.  Ever sweet and loving to be around you, this wonderful Persian male cat never fails to be a kind and gentle little fella. We love him to pieces.


Damsel Lily

Lily, a sweet lilac lynx queen. She is one of these cats that has never lost her love for her people.  Lily loves to get on top of the couch while you are sitting there and lick your hair.  She acts many times like a dog would act.  It is so precious to see.


Damsel Phoenix

Phoenix, our sweet queen calico.  What a gentle, sweet lady this is.  She is a great mom, too, and knows her business and what to do.  She'll rock right into you upon petting her.  We all love her to pieces.


Damsel Cinnamon

This is our fabulous, sweet queen, Cinnamon.  She is just adorable and such a people lover.  She is what you would call a brown patch tabby.  Her personality is incredible and she is fun to be around and loves to be around you.


Damsel Charlotte

Charlotte, one beautiful queen with gorgeous eyes.  She just also happens to be a van.  Her tail is colored blue, and she has blue on her head as you can see from this pic.  Really a little doll and loves people to pieces. She's had one litter, and we're hoping to have more from her. Love her so much!


Damsel Twilight

We love this lady.  She is the daughter of our Queen, Charlotte (you can see pic of Charlotte here on this page), She comes with a very sweet personality and is the best mom to her kittens that I've seen in a long time. She has these big, round, beautiful copper eyes to die for in a cat.


Sire Kipp

How we love this cat! Kipp is a joy to have around and is a beautiful cream flame point. He's quite the guy and loves to play with anything you put in front of him at the same time being a sweet gentleman to his humans.

Sires and Dams: Available Pets
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